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Neck Exercises to Get Relief from Cervical Pain


Dr. Rachana Vora: Hi, my name is Dr. Rachana Vora. Today, we'll be talking about joint and muscular pain. Cervical pain, low back pain, knee pain, and shoulder joint pain.

Cervical pain or neck pain is commonly seen in people who ride two wheelers constantly. People who'd be working on computers all the time have a wrong posture or wrong ergonomics in which they sit while working.

The computer screen should be exactly in front of you. You should not be bending forward to look at your screen. You should be having a seat level which is exactly in front of the screen and not above or lower.

So, now, I'll be demonstrating all these exercises. We do this stretch to release the tightness of the trapezius muscle. This is commonly seen with a condition called trapezitis, which is inflammation of the trapezius muscle.

You hold the chair with one hand. Supposedly, you hold it with right hand. With the left hand, you hold your head and stretch it in the opposite direction. You hold this for ten counts—one, two, three – and you do this on both the sides.

So, with the left hand, you hold the chair. And then, with the right hand, pull it in the opposite direction. Hold it again for ten counts. You do it clockwise and anticlockwise. This gives you movement in all the directions and all the angles of the neck movement are covered. Now, you go anticlockwise. Only the neck moves. Repeat this ten times each.

This exercise works wonders for all the neck pain problems. You stand against a wall and you tuck your chin inside, and you hold this for five counts. You do this exercise ten times each. Repeat this thrice a day.

So, if the pain still persists even after doing all these exercises, you're supposed to consult to your nearby physiotherapist or an orthopedician because the condition has to be diagnosed properly. If you continue doing these exercises without any proper diagnosis, you might land up with more problems.

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