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How to deal with shoulder pain


Dr. Rachana Vora :Hi, my name is Dr. Rachana Vora. Today, we'll be talking about types of shoulder pain. These are the common shoulder conditions: first, frozen shoulder; second, rotator cuff injuries; third, pulled arm; fourth, any other shoulder muscle weakness.

Now, I'm going to demonstrate a few shoulder pain relief exercises and stretches for shoulder pain, which can help you relieve the shoulder pain. First, shoulder rolls. You place your hands over the shoulder. Roll it…and anticlockwise. Make bigger circles. Repeat all the shoulder exercises ten times each.

Second, shoulder stretches. Hold the Theraband behind and you stretch again. Come back slowly. You are not going to raise your hands up. It stays here. Stretch and back.

Third, theraband exercises for shoulder muscles, which you can do with the help of Theraband. Therabands are elastic bands. These are resistance bands. You can get these in the different grading according to their resistance. You keep both your elbows straight down, shoulder-width apart. Holding the Theraband firm, you stretch the band as much as you can, keeping the elbows straight. You do not bend the elbows here. And, come back. When you come back, you come back slowly.

So, the next exercise goes halfway. You raise your arms straight up to the shoulder level. Pull the Theraband. Again, keeping the elbows straight, come back slowly.

You keep the strap under your feet, hold it firm, and raise it up—one, two…

So, these were the shoulder pain exercises which might help you relieve the shoulder pain. For any further pain-related queries, please subscribe to our channel, Pain Clinics.