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Impact of headache

We’ve all suffered from a headache at some point in our life. But did you know that when headaches become a recurring phenomenon, they can impact various aspects of your life? Most people view primary headaches like migraine, tension and cluster headaches as ‘acceptable’. If they are experiencing a dull throbbing somewhere in their head, they still manage to go about their daily chores and ignore it till it goes away.

However, what happens when the dull throbbing is replaced by a searing, debilitating pain? Irritability, frustration and anger are some common emotions that people suffering from chronic headaches exhibit.

Here’s how headaches can impact your daily life.

  • Impact on family life
  • Impact on work life
  • Impact on personal well-being

Impact on family life

Most people suffering from chronic headaches reported that they easily get irritated and angry with their spouse and children on trivial issues. This, in turn, made their family’s life more difficult. Because most headaches tend to subside when an individual gets sleep, several people believe that they got to spend less quality time with their loved ones. Some even miss family events, holidays and vacations because they are unable to get out of bed due to the intense pain in their head.

Impact on work life

Chronic headaches are associated with decreased productivity. If a person is suffering from an incapacitating headache, they are unable to perform to the best of their ability. Sometimes, when the headache is too severe, they prefer to stay at home and take a sick leave. However, if this happens too often, it can negatively impact their reputation at work. This is true even more so because a person suffering from a headache appears fine on the outside. To put it simply, failure to obtain or retain jobs, promotional disadvantage, job changes (department or occupation), reduction in productivity, voluntary resignation, low participation in out-of-work activities, and sick leave are some of the ways in which chronic headaches can affect one’s work life.

Impact on personal well-being

You will often find individuals who are living with chronic headaches expressing strong feelings of anger and depression. This is because of their inability to lead a pain-free, normal life. They often resent those in their family and friends who don’t suffer from debilitating headaches. This in turn makes them feel guilty for entertaining negative thoughts. When family members don’t understand the severity of their headaches, they gradually move from frustration to depression. All these emotions affect their personal health and well-being in the long run.