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Understanding causes of headache & measures to cope

Managing headaches

Headaches are the most common pain amongst Indians. A study suggests that at 28.1%, it is the single largest pain incidence suffered by Indians*. Causes of headaches can differ from person to person, they occur at various locations and are triggered by various things. They are mainly categorized into primary and secondary based on its underlying causes. Primary headaches aren’t directly associated with another medical condition whereas secondary headaches are caused through an external factor or a disorder. Blood clots, brain tumors, and alcohol-induced hangovers are common factors for secondary headaches. Below are the most common types of headaches experienced by individuals:

  • Tension headache: The most popular and primary headache where an individual feels like a tight band is wrapped around their head.

  • Migraine: The second most common type of primary headache that causes debilitating pain on either side of the head along with blurry vision, nausea, etc.

  • Cluster headaches, thunderclap headaches, medication-overuse headache and many more are other types of headaches that people often come across.

Impact of headaches

Headaches can be a recurring condition and can tend to be a barrier in leading regular, everyday lives. Due to most people living a fast-paced life today, many individuals view primary headaches such as tension headaches or migranes to be as acceptable. Even if they are experiencing a throbbing pain in their head, they still manage to ignore it and continue with their daily routine till it goes away. But till the time they suffer, they notice a visible drop in their ability to focus and coordinate to complete the job at hand. What happens when the same pain is replaced by a severe and an exhausting pain? Anger, irritation and frustration are common negative emotions among people who suffer from chronic headaches. Headaches can impact your daily life, professional life and your personal well-being. Hence, it’s important to keep a check on your health so it doesn’t affect other areas in your life.

How to handle headaches?

Everyone has suffered from headache at some point in their life. Managing headaches also depend on how minor or severe they are. Below are few methods that can help you deal with them.

  • Using techniques like meditation can help you handle stress in your daily life

  • Getting a good night’s sleep

  • Regular exercise

  • Avoid eating meals at irregular times and maintaining blood sugar levels

  • Consuming moderate alcohol and avoid smoking

Please keep in mind, if your headaches are persistent, it’s necessary to find out the cause behind it by checking with a medical practitioner. You can also use Combiflam plus tablet for effective pain relief. It is a powerful combination of paracetamol and caffeine which provides pain relief. It’s also essential to choose a healthier lifestyle to lessen the impact of headaches in your daily life.

* Pain Segmentation study 2018


Use Combiflam Plus Tablet for Headache