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Combiflam Icy Hot Gel a solution for Back Pain Combiflam Icy Hot Gel a solution for Back Pain Combiflam Icy Hot Gel a solution for Back Pain

Is your backache aggravating as you work from home?

In the recent pandemic, every company has shifted its employees to their humble abode. Work from home is the new normal and people have taken their time to get used to it. Although there are some pros of WFH like attending meetings in your comfort clothes or having a constant supply of snacks available, there are a few cons that come with it as well. This may include not having a designated workplace, bad posture while working could lead to painful conditions like back pain. Back pain causes not only serious discomfort but also leads to other problems in the long run. Let's look at what these back-pain causes are and how to deal with them.

Now you would think working while lounging in your bed or slouching on your sofa is so comfortable, right? Wrong! Although it might look cozy, often it triggers sore back, neck or shoulders. Not sitting at a table for work can worsen the condition resulting in persistent backache. The best way to avoid any kind of back or neck pain is to designate a workstation for yourself.

  • Lower back support is essential

    Often your sitting position might not give your back the ideal support it needs. Rolling up a bath towel or placing a cushion at your lower back can help a lot. People don't realize it, but small support will make your back a little bit straighter and will avoid any backaches.

  • Correct desk setup

    A lot of people might not know this but there are a few tips to keep in mind before you set up your workstation. Ensure your computer screen is at an arm’s length. Make sure the desktop is at eye level. Ensure you have a comfortable chair to support your back. The back of your thighs, as well as knees, should be supported by the respective chair as well to maintain an ideal posture.

  • Movement is necessary

    Sitting in one place for long periods can also cause backaches. Moving around occasionally helps the body relax. Take a round around the house or grab a snack/coffee break even if you don't feel like.

  • Simple exercises

    Simple exercises can help a lot when you are experiencing back pain. Be it stretching out or neck exercises, get up from your workstation and perform some simple exercises that help you get back pain relief.

How to tackle back pain?

Poor posture has its consequences. It's essential to maintain a correct posture while you sit down to work. Although slouching on the couch or bed might be tempting, it proves to be rather unpleasant in the long run. If you are experiencing any kind of back pain while working at home, you can stick to the above-mentioned tips or you can turn towards Combiflam icy hot pain relief.Its dual benefit formula, Icy action reduces swelling while the Hot action repairs muscle to help heal from strong pain faster. If the pain persists, please consult a doctor/medical professional for proper diagnosis of the problem


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Combiflam Icy Hot Gel for Back pain